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Friday, 6 April 2012

Re-Defining Feminists and Celebrating Everyday Goddess

Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of

Today, many modern day feminists (aka “feministas”) want to reclaim their power without giving up the feminine. You can be a powerful, fierce, kick-ass, successful woman and also happen to have a hankering for pink fur sandals, pedicures, sparkly bling, drum circles, green juice, and goddesses. Being a feminista means being authentic in all walks of life. For some, that means burning your bra. For others, it means wearing pink boas. As far as I'm concerned, true feminism means the power to choose -- blue suit or pink evening gown, full-time career or stay-home parenting, weight lifting or pole dancing, sweat suits or bikinis, braless or lacy thongs.

The new feminism has lightened up and opened up. It isn’t aggressive, man-hating, anti-feminine, or painfully serious. You can be giddy, celebratory, sexy, and powerful. You can also be stoic, wise, righteous, and fearless. You can call it “pussy” or “yoni” or “vulva” or “Rebecca,” but if you’re a feminista, you’re definitely calling it something and owning that which makes you uniquely female.

You can work at Hooters and strut around in a bikini and rack up notches on your bedpost, or you can wear a turtleneck, surf in board shorts, and save yourself for marriage. You can be red or yellow or green or blue -- or pink. It’s your call.

It’s about being honest with yourself and owning what’s empowering to you. It’s about letting your freak flag fly, being unapologetically YOU, and integrating all the facets of what makes you a whole women -- your creativity, your spirituality, your health, your relationships, your career, your relationship with money, and your life purpose. If you’re a feminista, you can be yourself, and that’s what really matters.
What Does It Mean To Be A Feminista?

We do not have to deny the feminine to reclaim our power. We own who we are without blaming others. We are not man-haters, and we accept responsibility for our happiness without giving up our power to those who have hurt us, the patriarchal society, the haters, and those who wish to deny our rights.

We speak our truth. Feministas talk openly about what we love and what matters to us, even those things others might prefer we remain silent about, including our girl parts, our desires, and our shadows.
We believe that there is more power in collaboration than in competition, and that, if we put ego aside, we better serve the mission. We love and trust the spirit of the sisterhood and do not base our actions in fear.
We can have tears and anger, but we can also have fun and humor.

We celebrate it all. Collectively, we are changing the face of the world. We are all separate puddles in the world of women’s empowerment. But all it will take is one big rain to coalesce us into a flash flood. Our goal is to hasten the rain and bring on the flash flood. Why work separately when we can collaborate and get that rain a’fallin’?

Here’s to flash floods,
PS. Please send this to your feminista friends! Lissa Rankin, MD: Founder of

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