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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Girl Rising: A Film and Discussion (Full Session)

Published on Jul 23, 2013

From Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins comes Girl Rising, an innovative feature film about girls around the world who are striving beyond circumstances and pushing past their limits. Their remarkable stories affirm the power of education to change a girl — and the world. Underwritten by Booz Allen Hamilton


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Girl Rising (Official Trailer) *New*

Published on Jan 14, 2014

From Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins, award-winning Documentary Group, Vulcan Productions and Intel Corporation comes Girl Rising - an innovative new feature film about the power of education to change a girl -- and the world.


Girl Rising is distributed by CNN Films and Gathr, an innovative demand-based theatrical distributor. Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez and other A-list actresses contribute voice performances to the film, which features original music from Academy Award winner Rachel Portman, in collaboration with Hans Zimmer.

The film spotlights unforgettable girls like Sokha, an orphan who rises from the dumps of Cambodia to become a star student and an accomplished dancer; Suma, who composes music to help her endure forced servitude in Nepal and today crusades to free others; and Ruksana, an Indian "pavement-dweller" whose father sacrifices his own basic needs for his daughter's dreams. Each girl is paired with a renowned writer from her native country. Edwidge Danticat, Sooni Taraporevala Aminatta Forna and others tell the girls' stories, each in it's style, and all with profound resonance.

These girls are each unique, but the obstacles they faced are ubiquitous. Like the 66 million girls around the world who dream of going to school, what Sokha, Suma, Ruksana and the rest want most is to be students: to learn. And now, And now, by sharing their personal journeys, they have become teachers. Watch Girl Rising, and you will see: One girl with courage is a revolution.

"Skinny Love" by Birdy

"Shake It Out" by Florence + the Machine


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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Carl Sagan - 'A Glorious Dawn' ft Stephen Hawking (Symphony of Science)


My own musical tribute to two great men of science. Carl Sagan and his cosmologist companion Stephen Hawking present: A Glorious Dawn - Cosmos remixed. Almost all samples and footage taken from Carl Sagan's Cosmos and Stephen Hawking's Universe series. 

RIP Dr. Sagan, you will be missed!!

This song is now out on 7" vinyl through Jack White and friends at Third Man Records! Check it out here:

And is now available on iTunes as well (Search for A Glorious Dawn)

Please, click HQ to watch in better quality.

Go here for another scientist remix:

And my website for more original music:



Monday, 24 August 2015

The Power of Sacred Ceremony

Published on Aug 11, 2012 Cindy Eyler is a true moon goddess! She shares how to create powerful sacred ceremony for manifesting and how to manifest with the moon cycles. Enjoy the magic!

Cindy offers private angel readings and healings, remotely (meaning you are in your location, she in hers), by email, phone and skype. She offers special rates to her youtube subscribers.