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The importance of the spine in Ascension & sacred sexuality

Published on Apr 28, 2015

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

In our Ascension we are working with the Divine force of Creation through our physical body, and we are opening up to sacred sexuality and the understanding of how our kundalini Life force operates. This process is related to our Human Spine, which has 33 vertebrae, and it's amazing what is now coming forth about understanding the nature of our physical Ascension. We are to use the power of sacred sexuality in Self empowerment in order to bring in our Divine creativity, and we are learning about the importance of our spine in Ascension. 

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Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn
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True Love: God/Goddess awakening within

True Love corresponds to a deep God/Goddess Presence that awakens our inner male/female. The questions to be asked at this time are: "What does the Beloved mean to me? How AM I living as the Beloved incarnate? How do i radiate the frequency of the Beloved in order to magnetize a Beloved Union into my physical reality?" In order to live a true Beloved Union, we must first treat ourselves as the Beloved, live all of our passions, desires of the Heart and Soul gifts as if there was nothing externally that could fulfill us more than we already do from deep within. As this becomes true for us and how we live in the New, we migth be surprised to find ourselves walking with someone who has acitvated and integrated the same level of awareness in their own reality, as our realities will eventually collide and co-exist. As we go deeper in this embodiment, many things may come to the surface, and we are therefore still purging some of the old patterns and beliefs that prevent us from becoming the true Beloved. It is about time to know that our mere awakened Presence is enough and that a true Divine Union is formed out of it.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn


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What is Spirit guidance?

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

So many times I AM asked about Spirit guidance and how it comes. This is something that it's not so easy to explain, because it comes to us as an intrinsic inner knowing. Everyone is already naturally guided by their intuition and their guides, including the Higher Self, but Spirit guidance is beyond just our personal intuition which guides us into our personal truth. What does it mean to be fully guided by Spirit? Firstly, when I say "Spirit", I do not mean the spirit plane where Souls go in between lives. When I say "Spirit", I mean the Holy Spirit and the Love of all Life in Creation. In order for us to be fully connected and aligned with the guidance of Spirit, we need to first become initiated into it. This takes devotion and Self alignment. The realms of pure Spirit are so utterly pure and devoted to serving all Life in Creation through infinite illumination and expansion, so we need to become such as well. 

When we are guided by Spirit, our personal egoic tendencies are not the dominant part of our experience. The guidance of Spirit is neutral and it shares deeper visions in service to All That Is. The guidance of Spirit shares through the awareness of Oneness and it's never personal, but rather it encompasses the Principles of One. When we become guided by Spirit, we are not merely guided by it, but we serve it with all of our mind and heart. We love Source and we serve in utter dedication. When guided by Spirit, we receive from a larger Whole and it is the "One" that we serve. To serve Spirit means to put aside our lower desires in the pursuit of the Higher/Grander Whole. The guidance of Spirit comes from the Truth of One. 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

The importance of the sacred feminine

We are embracing the sacred Divine feminine Principle on our Ascension journey. When we engage in this awareness fully, we allow all the old male and dominant/controlling to be stripped away ... until there is nothing left but pure feeling in Divine Love. The feminine principle is all about moving deep into our body (the sacred temple of our Soul) and allowing ourselves to feel. Any denial of our internal feeling leads to suppression, and this leads to different forms of depression. Our Self expression is compromised without embracing the sacred femininity, which is the infinite Life force in the Cosmos ... in all Creation. When we tune into the sacred Goddess Principle, we become aware that it is that pure raw Life force that does not belong to us ... we simply become its Divine extensions ... co-creators with the Light of Holy Spirit! The sacred feminine is not personal and it's not an identity, because it's an archetype of Divine Creation that we either embrace and embody or not.

The sacred Goddess Principle is the Love of all Life in Creation and celebration through the wild untamed nature of our Being! The process of Ascension integration is directly linked to the "chi" energy that we receive from Source, and the "kundalini" Life force that runs through us as we connect with the root of our Existence on the planet, which makes our physical/horizontal and Source/vertical experience as One. With embracing the femininity Principle of Creation, we invite the Divine masculine to flow through it and co-create in balance and Divine equality. A perfect bond and partnership is formed through us, and our yin/yang forces intertwine in an endless dance. The Divine masculine archetype is that of Truth, while the sacred feminine is all about pure Power and potential. Great things in Creation are all born from the Great Cosmic womb of pure Divine potential. Without embodying both principles of polarity, we always feel a certain sense of "lack", because we have not yet integrated our true Wholeness.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn
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What is a Goddess? (The Feminine Principle)

A Woman who is in the process of learning to Know, accept and love Herself on all levels, Mind Body and Spirit. A Woman who, because she focuses on personal growth and self awareness, experiences a life, increasingly filled with Peace, Love, Joy, Passion and Fun. A woman that understands that she has unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants. A Woman who is Inspired to give to those around her our of her sense of Gratitude and Abundance."

by Selina Fenech

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