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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

True Love: God/Goddess awakening within

True Love corresponds to a deep God/Goddess Presence that awakens our inner male/female. The questions to be asked at this time are: "What does the Beloved mean to me? How AM I living as the Beloved incarnate? How do i radiate the frequency of the Beloved in order to magnetize a Beloved Union into my physical reality?" In order to live a true Beloved Union, we must first treat ourselves as the Beloved, live all of our passions, desires of the Heart and Soul gifts as if there was nothing externally that could fulfill us more than we already do from deep within. As this becomes true for us and how we live in the New, we migth be surprised to find ourselves walking with someone who has acitvated and integrated the same level of awareness in their own reality, as our realities will eventually collide and co-exist. As we go deeper in this embodiment, many things may come to the surface, and we are therefore still purging some of the old patterns and beliefs that prevent us from becoming the true Beloved. It is about time to know that our mere awakened Presence is enough and that a true Divine Union is formed out of it.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn


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