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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Goddesses Never Age (Christiane Northrup, MD)

Get inspired to live, look, and feel radiant, healthy, and beautiful. Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D., board-certified ob/gyn, and New York Times best-selling author shares women’s health tips on how to make growing older an experience you can look forward to. Find out how menopause can be a rebirth and how to make it a time of creativity, sensuality, and fun. Get the principles of ageless living and shift your perceptions about getting older –no matter what our culture may say to the contrary.

How can we change the world we live in, just by changing our beliefs about God? CJ interviews Neale Donald Walsch, author of the "Conversation with God" series.



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Video Highlights

1:13 What does it mean to move through time versus moving through space? Dr. Northrup suggests that to be an ageless Goddess you have to stop thinking about age.

2:32 What is happening during menopause? Christiane shares that during menopause we rise to full Goddesshood and take up more space.

3:07 What happens during our 50's and when women stop menstruating? During this period women are retaining their sacred blood and we stop leaking energy.

3:43 What herbs can help with vaginal dryness? Puerarai Mirifica ( is an herb that Dr. Northrup sells to help with alleviate the symptoms of menopause and restore their youthful vitality.

4:01 What happens to the body once we hit 50? By the time we reach 50 our "aging" lifestyle starts to manifest itself from our sedentary lifestyle.

6:00 What should we say when someone asks us our age? Christiane shares a beautiful passage from her Facebook group.

9:07 How do you get to a place where you an ageless portal? How do you be in the world, but not of the world? It's about shifting our consciousness, thoughts, and beliefs that disempower you.

10:26 What does space consciousness mean? It's being present and in the moment where time and space expand, where a 3 hour conversation feels like 10 minutes.

12:05 A powerful story of how our thoughts and beliefs can affect our health.

13:21 What is happening to our bodies as we age? Should we fight the aging process? Christiane talks about not mounting a war with aging. Dr. Northrup shares a famous study by Ellen Lager on aging and how our beliefs are critical for keeping us young.

18:12 How women can embrace our feminine energy? When we embrace our creativity, sensuality, receptivity, and lusciousness, we increase our polarity towards feminine energy and as a result attract more male energy.

20:06 How do woman deal with attracting more male energy? If you are embodied in integrity owning both your male and female side, you will not attract low vibrational energy. If you fully embrace your inner queen, you will only attract Kings.

21:33 What does it look like when we "own" are masculine power? Dr. Northrup talks about how she developed her masculine side as a surgeon. More on hieros gamos (

23:41 Find out what sign/house your female(Venus) and male (Mars) signs are in. Inner male is your Mars sign and inner female is your Venus sign. The inside job is creating an inner marriage of the two. Often we are looking for men that have that Mars-like energy until we are integrated ourselves. The goal is having a playful relationship with our Mars and Venus. It's not about controlling each side, but playing with them.

28:09 Link to Dr. Nothrups's favorite book: and

31:06 What happens when both parties are retired? Men move into their heart and women move into their low heart. Women have to let go of the remote control and that mentality. You don't get to control your husband or vice-versa.

32:56 Dr. Nothrup describes how her mom inspire her to be the woman she is today and her family stories about her mom.

38:58 What are some tips Dr. Northrup has about self-care when we are taking care of both our parents and our kids come back to the nest? Dr. Northrup shares how it's important to see our children's capabilities, and how Millennials may still need our support due the shifts in our economy and why old ideas of children leaving the nest don't necessary apply.

43:16 How did Christiane get over her cash-flow fears at the age 50?

45:33 Christiane talks about ideas that age us and how hanging around young people is so important to keep us young.


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