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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Akashic Records: Discover your Soul's Path

Do you have an inner knowing that there is more to your life? Are you living in accordance to your soul's mission? What tools can you use to keep you on track to your soul's mission? Linda Howe reveals how to effectively use the information stored in the Akashic Records to live a life infused with purpose, aliveness, and light.



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**** SHOW SUMMARY*******************

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1:01 What is the Akasha and Akashic Records?

3:45 What things change from life time to life time? Do you always incarnate as a human?

5:00 What are the overall soul purposes we all share? Linda explains how self-love and love of others are missions we all have.

10:20 What information can you get from the Akashic Records?

13:07 Linda talks about how and why she discovered how to use the Akashic records to live heaven on earth and live from the inside-out.

18:49 Linda describes the vision she saw when exploring the Akashic Records that included a core of light and the 5 pillars of light.

20:57 Linda describes what each of the 5 pillars meant

21:26 INCARNATION: Linda learned that first we need to accept our incarnation into the body.

23:04 AUTHORITY: Linda describes how we need to make peace that there are those with authority over us. Linda describes how to make peace with the ultimate authority (GOD)

27:56 How can we Let GO and Let God lead? Linda talks about how she used the record and asked "God - help me see you so I have proof that there is something happening greater than my will and my reality"

30:04 How can use the Akashic records to help surrender? Records- show me that there is a power of good and show that your wisdom is leading me in a good results in the next 2-3 hours. A spiritual discipline to hear the inner voice and create structure.

32:06 DISCIPLINE: Now that we have all this energy, how do we make good use of the energy?

33:39 TRIANGLE TEST: The mind-heart-will needs to be in alignment. For any discipline to be effective it has to be taking to the mind.

34:15 TRIANGLE TEST IN PRACTICE: CJ steps Linda through a project where her mind-heart are in sync, but where her will is not on board. "As is" things won't work. Ask your WILL- Is there any part that you are willing to do? If you are resisting bring it to the heart. If you love a project and the experience, you will love the result. If you dread the experience it will doom the results. You cannot suffer your way into happiness. Tinker around with the project so that you love it NOW. The prize has to be in the doing, otherwise you will be fueling the project with disdain.

37:07 Discipline is not punishment.

39:13 RESPONSIBILITY: Linda talks about her misconception that if it's spiritual it requires no work. Linda talks about the difference between true and false responsibilities. True responsibilities bring the very best of us. False responsibilities diminish us and make us resentful and mean. This happens when we do for others what we can do for ourselves. Our true responsibilities carve out the soul path and when our personalities are transformed.

42:40 COMMITMENT: Commitment keeps us attached to our responsibility. Once I make a commitment to my path, all the energy embedded in the path returns back to me.

45:12 GRACE: It's the core of our being that shines through. We can't do anything with it. We don't direct or generate it. As we get clarity on these 5 pillars and do our house cleaning, our inner light can shine through. Our inner light is magnetic which also allows us to receive.


48:00 PRACTICAL APPLICATION: Examine what issues are relevant. You may recognize there is some flow of authority and this is an opportunity. Do you have the discipline for this? What kind of discipline would it involve? TRIANGLE:How do you feel about this project? Am I willing to get up and take action on this projects? How do I either get a new idea or modify the triangle? Where is my responsibility here? Is it to mastermind? Delegate? Do a part of it and give it to someone else? Am I willing to go the distance with this no matter what? Am I hedging? If you hedge, energy will drop off.


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