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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Awakening the Sleeping Goddess Within

The  to the feminine energies is the opening of all that is comes through higher light and thought. It deals with a movement away from lower emotions of fear, panic, rage to the re-awakening of higher frequency emotions and ideals - love, compassion, and nurturing. It is the spiraling of  to higher frequency and the reunion of self and soul through the sacred geometry of our creation. SHE is the goddess, the priestess, the creator in each of us trapped in the illusion of time - waiting to awaken through the evolution of our DNA into higher light.

The God in stone can be seen to the left side of the woman - as the left side of your brain is the masculine side. He is in the shadows watching his feminine counterpart - the Goddess. The Goddess evolves and becomes alive as She opens the heart chakra and moves through the rainbow bridge of the colors and lights of creation.

Fire Her heart is the light

Earth The trees and flowers

Air The clouds and sky which are purple / blue / aqua which is the frequency of the heart chakra

Water The waterfall is the collective unconscious which represent the grids of the program SHE is creating

The rainbow unites everything through sound, light and color.

Our souls experience both the feminine masculine side of physical reality.

It is now time to move beyond the masculine - linear - logical side of your mind and conscious experience into the realms of higher - faster moving light and thought a place of creation and intuition - your soul essence.

Close your eyes. . .

See yourself floating high above the clouds.

Notice that the higher you go the more in balance your energies seem.

Suddenly you see a field of light energy.

It begins to take shape until you recognize the essence of a female entity.

You float closer - realizing that she is an aspect of your soul who has come to take your on a spiritual journey into the light.

There is much she wants to share with you as you re-unite your energy fields with hers.

She takes you over the rainbow bridge.

Your heart chakra ignites with love and light as you awkening the sleeping goddess within you.

Remain in these energies. Feel their light. Feel their uncondtional love. Feel the balance within your soul.

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