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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Lilith represents balance between the masculine and the feminine, in the flesh and within the psyche.
In this manner she represents a rebellion against the patriarchal orientation which has long ruled humankind.

Note that Lilith is not a weak manifestation of femininity, demanding a weak partner, but rather, a predator of the night, a huntress.
According to legend, she was the first wife of Adam, who demanded equality and was banished in favor of the submissive Eve. The second coming of her presence is in league with a new age blooming of right-brain spiritual consciousness, the psychological feminine.
 Such a presence has long been inherent in the endeavors of humankind, but has long been persecuted, in spirit and in flesh.In its essence, such a presence represents reaching beyond left-brain logical concerns in order to be animated by the psychic/intuitive faculties of the right-brain. Such an orientation represents a profound shift in the polarities of human comprehension.

Lilith has been portrayed as a demon-ess, a devil, the wife of Satan, but in all reality she is a Goddess. You'll find that the horns on her head are a crown that actually symbolizes God-like power, the snake that is typically seen with her is a symbol of wisdom along with the owl. Her wings are a symbol of divinity and her escape from Eden. The dark moon is her symbol and although she is a dark Goddess she is truly a mighty divine symbol for all those who fight repression and dominance from society.Since the right brain is associated with the left side of the body, some would call this a left handed path.

Hail the Goddess Lillith

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