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Saturday, 24 March 2012

A discussion about the Sacred Feminine Divine

This video is dedicated to all the beautiful Sacred Feminine Souls existing on this planet. Whether you are in the state of sacred feminine realization or are still creating and existing in the frequencies of the divine universe.
Many of you do not realize just how precious you are to this world. Many of you have been abused by the psychopathic people existing on this earth. I have had many experiences, myself; with these kinds of people and what I have come to understand is they feed off of the the loving, honoring people on this earth.
Psychopathic energy vampires  siphon and steal shards of light and abundance from the sacred feminine women in an attempt to mimic sacred feminine. Some might say that we should feel sorry for them because they just can't help themselves but they can..when they are ready to do so and not before.
Within compassion there are natural boundaries from negative siphoning in either gender. With compassion in our hearts we are more able to embody the Feminine Divine and channel her receptive energy.
True beauty emanating from the soul...Creates from the Divine Universe!

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