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Monday, 26 March 2012

Legend of the White Buffalo Woman Goddess

In the image  below Spirit of White Buffalo Woman roams among the herds. She brings peace and wisdom for all to share. For those whose lives journey with the buffalo, White Buffalo Woman's sweet spirit is a dear ally.White Buffalo Calf Woman is a manifestation of the Lakota Sioux goddess Whope, who is the daughter of the sun and the moon. She is the goddess of peace and taught the Sioux many sacred rituals, including the use of the sacred pipe. 

 The woman's name was PtesanWi which translated White Buffalo Calf Woman. She taught the Lakotas many sacred rituals and gave them the Chanunpa or sacred pipe which is the holiest of all worship symbols. After the was given teaching the people came bearing gifts.  Giving them her PtesanWi left them with a  promising to return. Later, the story became attributed to the Goddess Wohpe, also known as Whope, or Wope. 

The companion watched as the scout approached and embraced the woman, during which time a white cloud enveloped the pair. After a while, the cloud disappeared and only the mysterious woman remained. The remaining scout was frightened, and began to draw his bow, but the woman beckoned him forward, telling him that no harm would come to him. As the woman was fluent in Lakota, the young man decided she was one of his tribe, and came forward. When he arrived, she pointed to a spot on the ground where the other scout's bare bones lay. She explained that the Crazy Buffalo had compelled the man to desire her, and she had annihilated him.

The scout became even more frightened and again menaced her with his bow. At this time, the woman explained that she was Wakan and his weapons could not harm her. She further explained that if he did as she instructed, no harm would befall him and that his tribe would become more prosperous. The scout promised to do what she instructed, and was told to return to his encampment, call the Council and prepare a feast for her arrival.

When Roman Catholic missionaries first came among the Lakota, their stories of the Virgin Mary and Jesus became associated with the legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman. The synergism of  identifying Mary with Ptesan Wi and Jesus with the Chununpa continues among Lakota Christians to this day. The story of Ptesan Wi is associated with the white buffalo.

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