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Thursday, 10 September 2015

liberation - rupi kaur A Beautiful, Raw Poetic & Visual Testimony With the Impact of Rape & Abuuse

Poetry: Rupi Kaur

Videographer: Jappay

Director: KayRay

She finishes her shift at the diner

Steps into the parking lot fumbling for keys

and when they drop doesn't notice him stepping up from behind her

Snatching her like a hunter catches game

Eyes glinting with starvation like he's been fasting for weeks

She is a 120 pounds of fresh meat

He will skin her, clip her wings gut her with his fingers,

like he's scraping the inside of a cantaloupe clean

tear apart her legs like an apartheid

as she wails for her mother with gas chamber lungs

wrists nailed to the ground

breasts like plums

the colour that fists leave behind

and lets her marinate

it isn't the sex that he's after

he craves something richer

like the site of her quivering womb

bleeding onto the earth beneath her

thighs pressed together with the words please, don't open me

but he makes a slave ship out of this human being

my sister used to clothe herself in the most tenacious smile I'd ever seen

now she wears nervous breakdowns like loose jeans on a shrinking waist

collects sadness like loose change

plays with it like the keys of a piano

wallows in it's misery like a bathtub full of whisky

is sick to the stomach with her own existence

cuz her rapist is sitting between you at dinner parties and movies

She'd wake me every Saturday morning to ride bikes along the lakeside

Now she spends Saturdays at her doctors

Filling prescriptions for drugs she doesn't need

I tell her that cutting her wrists is bad

But she states the reason she cuts is worse

And I'm at a loss of words

Trying to convince her that his actions should've never turned into her guilt

I want to hold the coldest parts of her mind

To remind her what warmness feels like

but you can't blame her for having a hole the size of his manhood in her chest

sister, your trauma should beat inside all of us like a second heart

so we can be reminded that so many humans feel this every second of every day

you built a house around your existence

and I'm on your front porch begging you to let me in

fall into my lap weeping if you're feeling heavy like a rainstorm

strike me with lightening, I will wait out the thunder

Cause your soul is the sun I want to soak in

Shine your rays on me again

and I will raise you like a flower

Blooming on a spring morning in June

I will be your handlebars

I will be your stairwell

I will be your train tracks

reminding you what its like

to feel the wind in your hair

See the teeth in your smile

Because you deserve it

He might have touched your body

But he could never touch your soul

With hands so dirty

That soul is so holy

It'll always be yours


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