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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Goddess Speaks...But Do we Listen and Hear?

The little child whispered,
"Goddess, speak to me"
And a meadowlark sang.
But the child did not hear.

So the child yelled,
"Goddess, speak to me!"
And the thunder rolled across the sky

But the child did not listen.
The child looked around and said,
"Goddess let me see you."
And a star shone brightly

But the child did not notice.
And the child shouted,
"Goddess, show me a miracle!"

And a life was born

But the child did not know.
So the child cried out in despair,
"Touch me Goddess and let me know you are there!"
Whereupon the Goddess reached down
And touched the child.

But the child brushed the butterfly away

And walked away unknowingly.

The message of the Goddess is that she is everywhere...all we need to  do is open ourselves and she will come into our lives in profound an gentle ways.

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