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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Invocation to Hecate

Gracious Hecate, Sacred Fire
We call upon Thee this dark hour
Grant us power, wisdom, might
As we do Thy will this night
Owl, Bat, Scorpion, Snake
Guard the circle that we make
Bind our enemies, make them weak
With spells of woe and curses bleak
Mother of Darkness, Infernal Queen
Unholy Host of things unseen
Release the dead from their constraints
To drink the blood of murdered saints
Round about where crossroads meet
Thy sacred rites we swear to keep
Where aconite and henbane grow
And torches in the darkness glow
Mistress of Magic, Thy name we praise
As the Moon enters Her blackest phase
From dusk 'til dawn we honor Thee
And as Thou wilt so mote it be!

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