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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Feminine Mysticism in Art


This colorful and inspirational slide show of transcendental art synchronized large. However, before this shift in consciousness can occur, the awakening of the Divine Feminine needs to occur
on a massive level, which is why it is crucial to get as many images as possible into the public's view at this time.

Some of the contributing visual artists are Martina Hoffman, Maura Holden, Mark Henson, Daniel Mirante, Amoraea Dreamseed, Daniel Holeman, Paul Heussenstamm, Blaze Warrender, Mariela de la Paz, Francene Hart, Victoria Christian, Hrana Janto, Suzanne Deveuve and several other mind blowing transcendental artists.

The musicians include Sasha Butterfly, Elijah and the Band of Light, Kan' Nal, Montana Soul, Heather Noel, Duane Light and Susan Garret and Nancy Bloom.

Victoria Christian is a mystical artist, writer, sociologist and eco-feminist. She holds
undergraduate and Masters degrees in sociology, with an emphasis in women's spirituality, the sociology of art and social theory. She is the head editor as well as a contributing writer and artist in her upcoming art book and DVD, Feminine Mysticism in Art: Artists Envisioning the Divine. She is also in the midst of writing her life's work titled Women Artists and Identity Formation in a Postmodern Society. For more information about her artwork and books, visit her website at HYPERLINK "

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