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Sunday, 14 October 2012

*Quantum Physics* Welcome To The Matrix

This video is a great primer for how physics, consciousness, fear based thinking, variances in energy dynamics, holographic creation and how beliefs affect it, realty and thought, order out of chaos. Within universal thinking there isn't a dominating masculine, patriarchal Source. People living in quiet desperation and locked within rigid belief system cannot see beyond that and it leads to a slow, vibrating dense state. The more attached people are attached to their thoughts the more it reflects in their life.

In many religions around the world the Feminine Divine is as "real" as those who believe only in the power of Masculine Divine. Whatever one's beliefs are they are just that...beliefs. We believe in the fluctuations of energy because in our view...that allows us to explore and change with the influx of new information. Above all one thing is for sure scientists and spirituality are merging.

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