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Sunday, 28 October 2012

A tribute to The Great Mother (Gaia/The Goddess)

All of the world's religions proclaim the need for love, compassion, mercy, kindness, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness. Yet these emphases can be overwhelmed by the evidence of human violence, anger, hatred, prejudice, greed, and selfishness. Even worse is when religions fight religions, and everyone has blood on their hands. This Feminine Divine Blog  presents and shares ideas on how we can create common ground through a respect for differences and diversity whether we agree or not by simply  making the moment by moment commitment to simply "love more" and asking ourselves whether our words and actions are unloving...or LOVING prior to putting them in motion. When we embrace the teachings and blessing from Goddess doors open and we become kinder, gentler and leads to wholeness within our soul path development.

We  all come from the One Source, to which we will all return and, even though we appear to be separate during our physical existence on Mother Earth we are, in truth, all one. Life is a series of challenges, all at different levels, and we can more easily meet these in a state of inspired and creative thought, with love, peace and serenity, if we learn to accept and love our connection with Goddess energy we are more able to seek, find and maintain common ground and  this is the Spirit of Oneness

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