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Monday, 15 October 2012

Astonished - by unASLEEP

For those who refuse to acknowledge the Feminine Divine it is clear that they are caught up in conditioned thinking and brain-washing in their spiritual belief systems. This informative video gently explains how we can awaken from our deep sleep and open to other energies.

The good news is that when we remove our consent to have unwanted influences in our lives...they leave. Within my soul path development Goddesses work with us in loving, nurturing ways to become more of who we already are as sparks of the Divine.

Following in the footsteps of "Acceptance vs. The Power to Change", here are step-by-step details on how we can effectively 'exhale', releasing what we have called into our life but that no longer suits us, and 'inhale' as we draw into our life what we would now like to experience.

The inhale and exhale are both intuitive and natural to this state of existence. They are performed by us all the time, whether or not we believe in them, and whether or not we are aware that we are doing it. We can believe it is happening or not, but if you are reading this, you are indeed doing it. Even if you were some isolated guru on a mountain top spending 95% of your time in a meditative trance, if you are still here, you are doing it. It's part of *being* 'here'.

So lets take it one step further, and recall how to do it deliberately, instead of fumbling through it as we sleepwalk through life. It's easy. And with little effort, you quickly get better and better at fact, you'll almost swear that you have done it before..... ;-)

I hope you try it right away. Don't forget to watch for your results.

I'd love to know how it goes for you, if any of you would like to share......

BTW, here's another new video, a follow-up for Astonished that goes into a little more detail for you. I hope you enjoy.

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